At Capital Consignment we love the “new” in used. Capital Consignment opened in 2014 when I, Jamie Szuba, decided to join the Yakima community. Being the youngest of six children, having brand new was not always possible. Even if it was gently used or very used it was "new” to me. My mother, Jackie Del Fiorentino, opened her consignment shop when I was 13 years old. She ran her store in the Napa Valley for 25 years. My mother recently came out of retirement and started up a new store. My mother quickly reunited with her loyal customers and friends. I opened a consignment shop in Central Oregon when i was 19 years old. I operated the store for 9 years and loved it. The people you meet and the stories behind their items are exciting and also heart warming.

I want people to be able to sell their items and get them more money than if they spent a summer Saturday bartering in the heat, when they should be spending quality time with their families. I like being part of the reason people have money in their pockets. I like to think of it as though we are recycling. Why throw away those $100 dollar jeans because you don’t like them, or you lost weight and they don’t fit? Sell them, get money and go buy smaller jeans or a new purse!

We don’t just believe in reusing and recycling apparel and accessories. We here at Capital Consignments reuse paper or plastic bags for items sold, newspapers to wrap dishes, and even envelopes that the customers and consigners bring to us.